Feb 10, 2012

Thank you for visiting the Rotunda website.

At long last, we are pleased to finally know what Giant’s intentions are with respect to the Rotunda.  For almost two years the redevelopment program for the Rotunda has been on hold pending Giant letting us know if they would indeed stay at the Rotunda or move to another location.  And, while we wish Giant well in their new location, we are delighted that the redevelopment process for the Rotunda is now free to proceed. 

With this news, we are immediately kicking off the planning process for a revised redevelopment program for the Rotunda.   Although not very different from the original re-development program, we expect that this new program will include a small format, or “boutique” type super market, along with what we expect to be an excellent line-up of retailers, restaurants and services uniquely suited for the Rotunda and the neighborhoods it serves.   Additionally, as originally planned, the redevelopment will also include at least 300 market rate apartments, along with associated amenities, open space and public gathering areas. 

As we re-energize the planning process, we expect to reconvene the neighborhood planning group that worked with us to craft the original redevelopment proposal.  With input from the neighborhood groups as well as the many community leaders that have been enthusiastic supporters from the outset, we are certain that a new era for the Rotunda is finally close at hand.
Expect to hear from us with information about reconvening the group within the next 6 weeks.  

Christopher P.  Bell, SVP
Hekemian & Co.